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The North Carolina Association of Hearing Care Professionals has joined forces with the International Hearing Society, along with other groups within the hearing industry to insure the consumer’s safety is not jeopardized.

Advocacy Fund

Internet Hearing Aid Sales

Many hearing devices are programmable and over the life time of the device, the consumer will need continued testing and reprogramming by a professional. This is to ensure the consumer is getting the maximum benefit from the hearing device(s) and proper amplification to avoid damage to the patient residual hearing.

A few large retail chains are now selling hearing aids at local stores and on the internet without a hearing care professional providing the proper testing and programming for such hearing device(s).....

A few Health Insurance Group(s) have announced plans to offer hearing devices over the internet with an online hearing test.

Consumer safety is jeopardized when the hearing care professional is replaced by a computer. It is never a good idea to purchase a medical device without having the proper testing by a licensed hearing instrument specialist or licensed hearing care provider to ensure a consumer is purchasing the proper device(s) that meets the consumers requirements.

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