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North Carolina Association of Hearing Care Professionals Invites the Public to Learn More about its Membership Opportunities and Services to the Hearing Impaired.

North Carolina Association of Hearing Care Professionals (NCAHCP) is encouraging North Carolina residents to learn more about its programs, services and advocacy efforts.

As a non-profit membership association, NCAHCP works throughout North Carolina to promote and maintain exceptionally rigorous standards so that hearing impaired individuals receive the highest quality of services available. NCAHCP is North Carolina's authorized chapter of the International Hearing Society (IHS), an organization that has represented thousands of independent hearing care professionals worldwide for over 50 years.

Victoria A. Brattain, recently-elected NCAHCP President, is enthusiastic about the role that the organization plays in ensuring continued excellence in the hearing care profession. She states, “Studies suggest that at least 35 million individuals suffer from some form of hearing loss – and that is just in the United States. Communication skills are central to a successful life for everyone, affecting education, employment and overall well-being. Every day is a communication challenge for the hearing impaired, and NCAHCP never loses sight of how important our work is and how much there is still to accomplish.”

This effort involves continually expanding the organization’s services. NCAHCP facilitates accreditation programs for its members, offers education and training opportunities and conducts outreach to the hearing impaired community. In addition, the NCAHCP website posts a membership directory to help consumers find conveniently located hearing care providers.

In addition to its programs and services, NCAHCP is a unifying force for the hearing care industry by facilitating communication among all professionals who provide services to the hearing impaired. It also serves in an advocacy role and alerts its members, consumers and the hearing impaired community to the most recent legislation that impacts the field.

NCAHCP coordinates several fundraising efforts throughout the year. 

More information about North Carolina Association of Hearing Care Professionals, its programs and services,” can be found on NCAHCP’s website at

As President of the North Carolina Association of Hearing Care Professionals, I would like to thank you for visiting our virtual home.  Here you will find information on continuing education, apprentice courses, a member search directory, and cutting edge legislation updates on the hearing industry.  It is our desire to be a unifying force for the hearing care industry by opening and effecting communication with all professions that provide services to the hearing impaired. 

No matter if you are a hearing aid professional, consumer, or interested in joining the hearing profession know that we are here for you. 
For more information visit our facebook page or contact our office at 919-266-8164. 

As always, you can contact me directly at
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Victoria A. Brattain

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